How to Design Children's Rooms


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What's more important than a memorable room? For a child, it's a comfortable, workable space that grows smoothly along with him or her. Keeping the "fun" in "functional" can be a challenge, as every age group has its own needs. Luckily, most kids go through fairly predictable stages, and you can provide for these developments and create personally expressive, attractive spaces at the same time.

Best of all, you don't need to invest in all new elements to give your child's room a fresh look that will provide delight and comfort for years to come. This article will help. You'll find:

Children's Bedroom Design Basics­
Learn about some of the basic design elements to keep in mind when planning out your child's new decor on this page.

Using Fabric in Children's Rooms
Find out how fabric can take centerstage in your child's room, in the form of pillows, wallhangings, and much more.

Changing Attics and Basements into Children's Rooms
Learn how to turn that unused attic or basement space into a cool playroom or hangout in this section.

Picking Furniture for Children's Rooms
On this page, you'll find creative options for choosing furniture for kids' rooms.

Transforming Furniture for Children's Rooms
Check out this section for ways to transform old hand-me-downs and other treasures into unique furniture for kids' rooms.

Refinishing Furniture for Children's Rooms
On this page, you'll learn how to refinish classic furniture pieces to inject personality into kids' rooms.

Selecting Materials for Children's Rooms
Find out how to use materials, such as wood, metal, and wicker, in children's rooms to really create a unique space.

Choosing Color Schemes for Children's Rooms
Take a look at this page for color scheme ideas that put pink-for-girls, blue-for-boys to shame.

We'll start our design primer with a look at the basics needed for kids' rooms on the next page.

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