How to Design Children's Rooms

Refinishing Metal Surfaces

What You'll Need
  • Wire brush or steel wool
  • Iron oxide primer
  • Paintbrushes
  • Spray paint or wide paintbrush and paint for meta


  1. Most of the old layers of paint and rust on metal furniture can be removed by scrubbing with a firm wire brush or steel wool. Rub until surface is smooth, then wash with water. Let dry.

  2. Apply iron oxide primer, which inhibits rust, to surface. Let dry.

  3. For quick finishes and for furniture with filigree or other small decorative features, spray paint provides complete coverage and is easy to apply. Hold can about 12 inches away from surface, lightly spray, and let dry. Repeat until all metal is covered. For large metal surfaces or if you have a custom paint color in mind, use a brush to apply paint in thin coats. Let dry between each coat.