Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bright and Bouncy Kids' Bathroom Decorating Idea

Colorfully patterned letters dance along a cheerful shower curtain, making this room as much fun as a circus. Retailer: Garnet Hill.

If you've got a child's bath you just don't know what to do with, give everything a clean coat of white. Then, spark it up with your child's favorite colors.

These days, it's easy to convert nontraditional items, such as these toothbrushes, into useful hooks or pegs.

Simpler yet, decorate with an array of bright primary and secondary colors. They're fun and reassuring for kids of all ages.

Then, carry out the simple energizing look with an array of easy-to-love motifs. The room in this design uses polka dots, green grass and a few other easily identifiable designs. You might prefer stylized blossoms, stars, rainbows, or other elements that appeal to your child.

Throw in a few alphabet letters or numerals in a range of colors. Spell out your child's name and you've got a proven winner.

If you have mostly tile instead of paint on your walls, you can still breathe some life into your bathroom. Find out how on the next page.

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