Kids' Rooms Decor

Lighting Kids' Rooms

Adequate general lighting is essential for safety and simply getting around ­ in any child’s bedroom. Designer: Alla Kazovsky. Manufacturer: Kids’ Studio.

Lighting is an important element that's often neglected -- and not just in kids' rooms. You'll need task lighting in several different areas, so don't try to make do with the single ceiling fixture found in many older homes. To start out, you'll be logging some hours in the rocker with bedtime stories, so be sure you have a good reading light positioned nearby. A comfortable reading spot like this will encourage your child to read for pleasure, too.

A low-wattage light is helpful for midnight diaper changes, and a smaller night-light is a must-have from a kid's point of view. A study desk needs good task lighting, but if there's a computer in the room, position lights so there's no glare on the screen.

For everyone's safety, make sure at least one light can be turned on from a wall switch by the door. Put one lamp on a dimmer switch for maximum flexibility without fuss.

Rooms that are shared can bring on even more challenges when it comes to decor. Find tips for solo and shared rooms on the next page.

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