Playroom Decorating Ideas

In the Fun Zone Playroom Decorating Idea

Jack Elka A generously scaled wall unit combines conventional bookshelves with school- style cubbyhole storage. Designer: Tamara Harmon, CID, T.H. Designs, Inc.

Storage is a big challenge in any child's room. As parents and teachers know, kids aren't naturally neat, but they won't play with toys that are all in a jumble.

That's understandable -- you know how daunting a cleanup chore such as spring-cleaning the garage can feel, and you're a grown-up! For kids, it's just plain overwhelming.

To help children keep their books and playthings visible, accessible and orderly, the right storage pieces can make a real difference.

In the area shown here, study areas and active play zones are set up for youngsters' convenience. Shelves are shallow, drawers are ample and there's plenty of room to move around. A color scheme of bright white and primary hues boosts visibility and excitement.

A color scheme, es­pecially with rich hues, can also be the main element of a decorating idea, as you'll see on the next page.

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