Playroom Decorating Ideas

Alive with Color Playroom Decorating Idea

You don’t need expensive furniture or elaborate wall treatments to put together a play space kids will love. Stylist: Amy Leonard. Manufacturer: The Glidden Company.

Rich and bold, the hues used in this spacious playroom look just right, thanks to the use of some basic color how-tos.

While all the hues are intense, the ones used in abundance on the floor and walls are cool so they don't overwhelm.

Color striping gives furniture pieces like this toy chest a refreshing new look. Just be sure to use child-safe paints.

Against this deep sea of emerald green and royal blue, accents in warm yellow and red

stand out in just the right proportion. They're energizing but not overheated.

Using lots of white on the ceiling provides visual relief from the bold hues. (Studies show most people are more comfortable in a room that's dark on the lower part, light on the top, to mimic the earth and sky.) Bright white around the windows maximizes the room's intake of light, further enhancing the feeling of balance.

Most of a child's responses to color proportions won't be at a conscious level, but they'll enjoy spending time in a room that feels both exciting and comfortable.

The whole family will find the playroom exciting and comfortable when it's got snacks and games to offer, like the one you'll find in the decorating idea on the next page.

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