Spring Decorating Refresh: Baby's Room

By: Emilie Sennebogen

Put some may flowers in your baby's room!
Put some may flowers in your baby's room!

Spring has sprung and you're probably eager to add some spring touches to the inside of your home while nature takes care of the outside. While you're planning, don't forget to think about bringing some spring décor into your baby nursery.

With the new trend to wait until the delivery day to find out the sex of your baby, many nurseries end up gender neutral, and therefore, color neutral. Spring is a great time to boost the color palette and add some visual interest to your baby's room. Though your little one isn't likely to acknowledge the changes, he or she will surely benefit from them. And with all the time you spend nursing, changing and rocking your baby to sleep, you've surely logged a lot of hours in the nursery and will also appreciate the addition of some spring color.


While pastels are generally considered to be good baby colors, experts believe that infants respond more to contrast and pattern than color, so feel free to go as bold as you like. Since you won't have many seasons of baby gear left before your baby boy graduates to a big boy bed, you probably won't want to break the bank decorating your wee one's room in the spirit of spring.

A smart place to spend money is on learning toys that will also double as décor. One easy way to introduce the season is to switch out mobiles for ones with brightly colored flowers or leaves. Instead of changing paint color, simply add bold yet removable wall decals of budding trees or tall flowers. These popular art pieces are available in a range of sizes that essentially serve as a removable mural. You can also change out bedding and changing table pads with fabrics that capture the season.


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