Spring Decorating Refresh: Kids' Rooms

Lighter and brighter colors will welcome spring with a flourish.
Lighter and brighter colors will welcome spring with a flourish.

Spring is in the air, and your whole house could use a little pick-me-up in the d├ęcor department, and your child's room is no exception. Spring is also synonymous with cleaning and organizing and kids' rooms are great candidates for getting some systems in place for organizing toys and games. So, before you pull out the paint swatches, be sure to give your kid's room a good once-over. Now's a great time to pound dust out of rugs and drapes and vacuum cobwebs out of far reaching corners. If toys are out of control, create an easy system of labeled bins where everything goes after a play session. Then, you can get to the fun stuff.

The quickest way to add some spring fever to your kid's room is to change out accessories. Pack away heavy comforters and throw rugs in favor of lighter-weight blankets and floor coverings in brighter colors. Kids are hard on their stuff, so if you're updating fabrics on furnishings, look into outdoor fabrics or oilcloth, which are made of heavy duty fibers in bright colors and patterns that are easy to clean. For girls, bold floral patterns will brightly mimic what's to come outside, while boys may prefer sunny stripes or geometric patterns to brighten up their spaces.

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