Trends in Playroom Decor

The latest and best looks for playrooms
The latest and best looks for playrooms

What’s more fun than planning and decorating a playroom for your little ones? Naturally, you want the most up-to-date looks, but you can’t forget storage and easy cleaning ideas – which are always on-trend in our book. Get ideas and inspiration for the latest in playroom ideas that combine fun with function.

Creative Minds

It’s all about letting your kids express themselves. When designing a playroom, map out space to display their artwork. We love collecting a bunch of frames from yard sales or the dollar store, spray painting them in bright primary colors, and creating a regularly updated gallery on one wall. Stack the newest art in the front for display, on top of the older creations. No more guilt over throwing away their masterpieces.

Unstructured Play

With so much time at school (even pre-school) focused on results oriented learning, it’s important to let kids just be kids. Create a space that doesn’t guide them towards any kind of play with an open area or corner that’s filled with cozy floor pillows and an area – this can be part of a wall, a table, almost anything - you’ve painted with blackboard paint. Fill a basket or bucket with large multi-colored chalk and let your little artists and writers express themselves.

Get Retro

Create a throwback playroom! If you’re a displaced New Englander, paint the playroom to recall vintage Fenway Park, with a green accent wall acting as the famous “green monster” and white play tables as bases, or bring the feel of an old-style diner in with a wooden kitchen and flea market pots and pans. This trend shouldn’t be taken too literally; it’s about tying the past to the present in a playful way. Bring Hollywood glamour in for kids who love to play dress up with an inexpensive vanity found at a flea market or discount super store. Or, create a vintage building block space on a thrift-shop wooden table for your little builders, with brightly painted blocks you cut and painted from a two-by-four -- the possibilities are endless.

The Great Outdoors

Bringing the outdoors in is a huge trend right now. Kids love camping, and playing at camping or house. Most superstores have inexpensive child-size tents you can set up in the playroom and take outside for warm weather play. You can also pepper the room with kid friendly plants - if your little ones are past the eating dirt phase – like ferns or spider palms that your kids can help water. Be sure to check a list like this or with your doctor if you’re concerned about any plants being poisonous.

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