10 New Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

Dress up a Boring Chandelier and Dining Nook

Most people have a chandelier hanging over their kitchen or dining room table, and usually this fixture is dusty, ignored and in need a holiday makeover. This Valentine's Day, spruce up your chandelier with ribbons and a few trinkets. Visit your local crafts store or upscale paper boutique, and choose various ribbons in cheery patterns and textures. If you want to achieve a vintage look, collect antique lace and ribbon by visiting online auction sites or thrift shops. Cut the ribbons different lengths, and hang them from the arms of your chandelier. At the bottom of each ribbon, suspend Valentine cards, ceramic hearts or cupid figurines tied in fluffy bows. You can also revive your dining nook and make a floral statement by hanging roses or carnations upside down from your chandelier.

If you don't own a chandelier or have a proper dining nook, consider using ribbons, ornaments and other knickknacks to enhance other spaces in your home. Suspend paper hearts from the top of a large bay window, or fill transparent lamp bases with silver tinsel and pink and white colored balls to accent your living area. If you have an antique ladder made of wood, hang pretty jewels and Valentine's Day baubles from every other step, and lean it against the wall in a spacious bathroom or bedroom.