10 New Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas


Flank Your Entryway With Topiaries

A pair of large topiaries makes a charming decoration to set on either side of your front door, and smaller versions look nice on a mantle, dining room table or bathroom counter. While topiaries consisting of foliage require watering and regular trimmings and demand plenty of attention to thrive, faux topiaries are just as beautiful and require absolutely no upkeep. For a fun afternoon project, create your very own artificial topiaries adorned with Valentine's Day candy hearts, imitation rose petals or chocolates in brown wrapping cups in just a few simple steps.

To begin, choose a dowel rod and planting pot or container with balanced proportions. If you want a pot that reflects a Valentine's Day theme, decorate containers with painted hearts or pink and red rhinestones. You may also choose a Valentine's Day mug or bowl to serve as the topiary foundation. Cut foam to fill the base of your topiary, and anchor the dowel rod in the center. For extra sturdiness, glue the foam to the inside of your container. Top the dowel with a round ball of foam. Then, decorate the foam ball with candy, artificial flowers or wrapped lollipops, attaching décor with pins or hot glue. When you're finished, tie a nice, neat bow with curly ribbon tails on the dowel rod to complete your topiary.

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