10 New Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

Display Candy in Jars as Art

We're surrounded by enormous displays of candy at the grocery store in the days leading up to Valentine's Day, but have you ever thought about decorating with it? Candy hearts, red cinnamon dots, and red, pink and white candy corn can lend the colors of the season to your décor scheme. Buy festively colored candies, and collect several sizes of apothecary jars with lids at your local craft shop or discount department store. Fill each jar with wrapped chocolates, red licorice or jelly beans for a stunning windowsill or kitchen counter display that the whole family will enjoy.

While candies in artful jars are nice to look at, we know it's hard to resist the lure to devour it all! We're not asking you to destroy your New Year's resolution for the sake of holiday décor. Why not throw a Valentine's Day celebration for all of your friends and family and ask guests help you finish the treats? The day of the party, move the candy jars to your dining room table with the rest of the refreshments, and place a scoop spoon in each jar so guests can nosh on candy at the party. As they leave, offer them goodie bags full of their favorite sweets to enjoy long after the party is over.