10 New Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas


Hang Valentines on a Tree

There's no rule of decorating that says trees are to be used only at Christmastime. Break out your favorite artificial tree, and decorate it to the nines with Valentines; candy ornaments; or red, pink, silver and white glass balls. If you don't own a faux tree, use any other tree you like. Some retailers sell trees specifically designed to hold greeting cards, and antiques dealers sell red and silver aluminum and tinsel trees that sparkle in the sunlight. Erect your tree securely in an urn or metal tub, or sew a tree skirt from a Valentine's Day tablecloth to hide the tree stand. For an organic alternative, try cutting several thick branches from a tree in your backyard, and arrange them in your favorite tall vase. String white, pink or red lights around the branches, and use a stuffed pair of white doves as a festive topper.

Whatever kind of tree you choose to display in your home, decorate it to your individual style. Clip Valentine's Day cards to your tree, or hang photos of loved ones from limbs as a tribute to friends and family members. Turn antique brooches and pins into flashy ornaments, and bedazzle a space in your home. Gather children together for an afternoon of crafts, and make handmade ornaments using decorative papers, lace, rhinestones and feathers. Wrapped candies can also serve as tree d├ęcor; if your tree is large, tuck small boxes of chocolates in thick branches and give them away as presents as Valentine's Day approaches.