10 New Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

Add Flair to Plain Candles

Candles are popular d├ęcor for Valentine's Day celebrations; they lend a soft light to a room or dinner table, creating a romantic atmosphere. Plain white candles are a bore, so this year, get creative with your candle displays.

To brighten a space, cut doilies from different stencils on paper sacks, and use them as luminaries in your home. Line up the paper bags, nestle a lit candle in a pile of kitty litter or sand inside each sack, and turn off the lights to set the mood. Allow the soft glow of the luminaries to guide your beau to the dining nook for a special, private dinner date.

For even prettier candles to display on tables and countertops, craft your own! Visit an art supply store and search for items that will enhance your everyday candles, giving them some pizzazz. Tie bright ribbons around candles in a neat bow, and seal each with a cupid charm or wooden heart. Arrange several large cylinder vases on the dining room table, and fill the space around them with an inch of candy, sprinkles or dried red beans. Sit candles of various sizes in the center of each vase for a bright, colorful display. Tired of centerpieces consisting completely of vases and candles? Try pouring water into a shallow dish, and cut amaryllis or roses right below the blooms. Arrange the flowers around the base of tall, thin candles for a unique, elegant table design.