10 Summer Decorating Ideas

Turn the gazebo in your backyard into a summertime cabana by hanging up gauzy white curtains.

Some lucky guys and gals travel to a luxury summer home every year, decamping to the mountains or beach for a change of scenery. Not everyone can afford a vacation house, but small changes can make a room in your own home feel calm, relaxed, cool and inviting -- just like you'd feel if you took a million-dollar retreat.

Summer is the time to lighten the weight of fabrics and add cheerful colors inside to celebrate the arrival of the season. Extend your living area outside, and connect with your surroundings. Plant flowers in window boxes, and fill bowls on your kitchen countertop with fresh produce from the farmers market. Rearrange a space and make it more comfortable for the hot summer months.

Whether your d├ęcor projects happen indoors or outside, they'll refresh your space and make you feel like a special guest in your own home. Summer is a lighthearted, playful time of year, and with a little time and effort, your home can reflect this carefree attitude. Here are 10 ideas to get you in the spirit of the season.