10 Summer Decorating Ideas

Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Maybe the kids need a quiet space for summer reading during their three-month break from school. Or, you need a space to get away from the kids! A reading nook is the perfect place to escape.

To create your own nook, look no further than your own bedroom or closet, or find an empty corner under a big, open window to pad with colorful cushions and pillows. Make sure you have adequate reading light, whether you install sconces in a darker space or use a room with plenty of natural light, like a sunroom.

Most importantly, a reading space should be a peaceful area free of noise and the traffic of a household. If it's a challenge to separate a nook from the rest of a room's furniture and d├ęcor, hang a curtain or use a folding screen to partition the space. Surround yourself with objects, colors and textures that make you feel at ease, but don't clutter the area. Place a small table next to your reading nook, and make room for a glass of water or an afternoon cocktail. Stock the table with notepads, pens and a dictionary to quickly reference words that are unfamiliar to you. And in case you start to feel so relaxed and cozy that your eyelids droop, keep an eye mask and ear plugs nearby for an afternoon cat nap.