10 Summer Decorating Ideas

Install an Outdoor Shower

During the summer, most people enjoy working in the yard early in the day, before it gets too warm, or beat the heat by taking a dip in a pool or nearby ocean. Taking a shower outdoors is a great way to cool down after mowing the yard, or rinse off before diving into the pool. Outdoor shower kits are available for purchase at most home improvement stores, but constructing a shower from basic materials is relatively inexpensive, costing only $50 to $100. All you need is an outdoor water faucet, a black water hose, nozzle and a bungee cord.

While outdoor showers are refreshing and convenient, they can also be very inefficient since heating water outside can result in heat loss, adding money to your utility expenses. To conserve water and save money on monthly heating and water bills, install a solar-heated outdoor shower that's environmentally friendly, too. Add a solar roof to your outdoor shower to collect heat from the sun, warming the water. Heating cold water naturally using the sun's rays and a solar-roof water heater will save you energy and money, so you can take a long, hot shower without feeling the least bit guilty about your carbon footprint!