10 Summer Decorating Ideas

Decorate with Seashells
Glue little shells around a foam ball for a unique piece of decor.
Glue little shells around a foam ball for a unique piece of decor.

Collecting seashells at the beach is a fun activity, but let's be honest -- when you return home from vacation, the large bag of shells is usually forgotten and begins to collect dust in the corner.

Sand dollars, conch shells and tiny starfish can really brighten up a space in your home and serve as a reminder of the fond memories you shared with friends and family on a recent trip to the beach. Before you begin decorating your home with these tiny treasures from the sea, make sure they're cleaned properly with bleach or dried out by the sun to rid them of any odors from tissue left behind by slimy sea creatures.

Once your seashells are clean and shiny, there are many creative ways you can display them in your home. Large conch shells can serve as a stunning container for an arrangement of flowers, or they can be a centerpiece in a summer tablescape. Fill a giant clam shell with candle wax kit from a craft store; then, arrange seashell candles around your patio at an outdoor summer dinner party.

If you have a collection of tiny shells, hot glue them by the hundreds on the frame of a mirror to make a statement piece for your front entryway. Or, group similar seashells together and display them in apothecary jars on a mantel or a bookshelf. Finally, if you're entertaining indoors, hang seashells at varying lengths from ribbons under a chandelier to make a delightful summertime statement.