10 Summer Decorating Ideas

Build a Potting Bench

Every gardening enthusiast needs a neat, tidy place to organize tools, pots, labels, scissors and soil. A potting bench serves as the perfect area for a gardener to work. What's more, it can be used year-round and be constructed very simply from weather-resistant wood and nails. Some gardeners prefer to have a mobile potting bench on wheels, and others want a large structure that looks like a piece of fine furniture, complete with shelves and cubby holes to store everything from flower seed packets to a large-brimmed gardener's hat.

A potting bench can be constructed from basic materials, but think outside the box! Do you have an old chest of drawers or vanity languishing in the attic or basement? Turn a vanity mirror into a peg board to hold gardening tools, and paint a weathered piece of furniture an earthy shade of green or blue. Use drawers to store unexpected containers for potting plants and flowers, like watering cans, a metal pail or even an old work boot! Make a statement by planting flowers in jewel-toned antique Depression glass bowls and candy dishes. Install a farmhouse sink in your potting bench, and clear the counter as a place to cut and arrange flowers to make beautiful bouquets and centerpieces for summer dinner parties.