10 Summer Decorating Ideas

Install a Summer-Friendly Front Door

This summer, consider swapping your traditional front door for one that's a little more charming. A Dutch door is divided horizontally into two half-doors, and either half can be left open or closed, letting in the crisp, summer breeze. If you don't want to change your front door, consider a Dutch door for a laundry room or the entryway to the back porch. Keep the top door open during parties, allowing conversation to flow easily between your house and the backyard. And, keep the bottom door shut to keep small children and curious pets from escaping outside!

Before it gets too hot in the afternoon, enjoy summer's breezy mornings and evenings by installing a screen door. It doesn't matter if you own a condo or single-family home, screen doors are a great way to cool your home naturally, save money on energy bills and, perhaps best of all, keep the season's pesky mosquitoes and bugs from flying inside!