10 Summer Decorating Ideas

Build a Tiki Bar

If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, host a luau in your backyard complete with flowered leis, grass skirts and a tiki bar! Building a tiki bar can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, depending on the materials you use and how large you want your bar to be. Install shelves behind the bar to store liquor and barware, and leave a large space in the corner for a kegerator or mini fridge to keep beer and wine at cool temperatures. Decorate the tiki bar with bamboo accents, and be sure to buy plenty of thatching for the roof!

When construction of the tiki bar is finished, accessorize the bar with tiki totem poles and tiki masks. Add matching bamboo bar stools for guests, and hang a few Balinese lanterns from the bar ceiling. On the counter, gather tropical flowers, like orchids and tuberoses, to make a Hawaiian-inspired flower arrangement.

Don't forget to put a stereo behind the bar, and while party guests dance to the sounds of bongo drums and ukuleles, serve chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and coconut battered shrimp. Last but not least, whip up some mai tai cocktails garnished with mint leaves, pineapple slices and a miniature paper parasol.