10 Summer Decorating Ideas

Paint the Floor With a Stenciled Design
Tired of those drab wooden floors? Paint 'em!
Tired of those drab wooden floors? Paint 'em!

If the sticky, hot summer weather has you wanting to rip up your heavy, wool carpet to expose the plywood sub-flooring or cool concrete underneath, what are you waiting for? You're not alone if the thought of refinishing the floor underneath the carpet makes you squirm, but no one says you have to spend hundreds of dollars to make over your floors with hardwood or expensive tile.

An inexpensive alternative to hardwood and tile is painting the concrete or wood floors a soothing shade of grey, white or blue. Be sure to vacuum and clean the floor thoroughly to remove all dust and dirt, and use a polyurethane-based enamel to prime the surface before painting. Open the windows to help filter the paint fumes, and keep the temperature at around 70 degrees to ensure the paint dries quickly.

After the floor is painted, add a custom stencil design to give the room some character. Shopping for stencils at craft stores can be a frustrating task -- selections are usually limited to designs with hearts, stars and flowers, and it can be hard to find a unique, one-of-a-kind design. If you can't find a stencil that you like, consider shopping for fabric with an inspiring floral or geometric design.

Making your own stencil from a piece of art or swatch of fabric can be as simple as taking a photo of the design, scanning and uploading it, and printing it to a desired size to use as a cut-out for a stencil. Use a small foam paint roller, and carefully rotate the stencil around the room so that the pattern connects and flows well. Floors aren't the only place to use a custom stencil; paint the walls, ceilings, furniture or a canvas with your one-of-a-kind design!