Top 10 Summer Party Decorating Themes


Christmas in July

Why not celebrate Christmas when it's warm for a change?
Why not celebrate Christmas when it's warm for a change?
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The shopping networks are celebrating Christmas in July, so why shouldn't you? If you can't get enough of Santa, love Rudolph and consider decorating the Christmas tree a hobby, pull out the pine boughs and bring on some not-quite-Christmas cheer. Santa in a speedo would be a definite ice breaker, and setting up your tree, complete with a pile of beach sand around the base and a complement of shells and starfish for decoration would get the theme ball rolling, too. Deep fry a turkey or grill one, instead. If you've never prepared the big bird outdoors in the open air, you're sure to become a convert once you've tried it.

Need we say that some carols playing softly in the background and a few merrily wrapped presents will add Christmas ambience, and a couple of elves or reindeer in sunglasses will contribute some subtle humor, too. If you can't wait until December to hear "Jingle Bell Rock" one more time, this one's for you.