5 Big Bang Backyard Décor Ideas for the Fourth of July

Sparklers are a must for any Fourth of July party!
Sparklers are a must for any Fourth of July party!
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As far as holidays go, the Fourth of July is a pretty easy one. The weather's usually great, the kids are out of school and everyone's in that laid-back summer mindset. You don't have to cook for weeks and decorate your house within an inch of its life, like you do at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Independence Day is all about parades, fireworks and grilling, and the backyard is where the action is.

If you're the barbecue host this year, don't stress! Decorating your backyard will be a cinch -- and it'll be fun, too. The color scheme is a done deal, obviously, so you don't have to worry about that. Sure, you can go the quick-and-easy route and raid the seasonal holiday decor aisle at your local party store, but you don't have to stick strictly to stars and stripes. Get creative and find things around the house that will look smashing when pulled together in a fabulous Fourth theme.

And once you've decked out your yard, entrust the grilling to someone else. Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy the fireworks!