5 Big Bang Backyard Décor Ideas for the Fourth of July

Finishing Touches

When you're thinking about decorations for your table and elsewhere in the party area for your Fourth of July soiree, remember our advice from the first page -- there's no need to spend a ton of money on something generic and premade. You'll probably be able to make something incredible with items you can find around the house, and it doesn't have to take hours, either. Here are a few simple, eye-catching decorations that will give you a lot of bang for your buck:

  • antique blue bottles filled with red gerbera daisies or clear bottles with blue hydrangeas
  • buckets of red, white and blue pinwheels
  • votive holders filled with striped layers of colored sand
  • wooden baskets holding grass, baseballs and blue and red croquet balls

While you're adding the final details to your table, don't neglect the silverware! Even if you're using plastic utensils, why not put them in an attractive container instead of just plopping them in piles? Buy an inexpensive white tray and embellish it with stickers and ribbon, or group knives, forks and spoons in pretty painted flowerpots.

Now that you have the visual part of your décor all figured out, it's time to give your guests a little ear candy. Read on for our suggestions for Fourth of July music playlists.

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