5 DIY Christmas Bathroom Decorations

By: Becky Striepe

Making your own holiday bathroom decorations can be fun. Gather the family and get creative! See more Christmas pictures.

The holidays are here, and nothing says Christmas cheer like a bathroom decked out in holiday decor! Sure, you can go the store-bought route, but it's so much more fun and festive to make your own, unique decorations.

When you go with do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, you not only get to create original pieces, but you can also get the entire family involved in making them. Christmas is all about spending time with our loved ones, and what better way to spend quality time than doing some good, old-fashioned crafting? These DIY Christmas bathroom decorations are fun, simple and a great way to add a little handmade flair to your holiday decor.


5. Christmas Hand Towels

You can hand-stitch the decorations onto these themed towels or use a sewing machine. Have fun with this project! This one uses a Christmas tree pattern, but if there are other holiday shapes and patterns that you prefer, go for it!

Iron the towels to get rid of any wrinkles. This will ensure that your applique ends up aligned just how you want it.


Use the tailor's chalk to trace around the template onto the felt, then cut out the design.

Pin your felt tree onto the towel wherever you like, then either hand stitch or machine sew it into place. Older kids might enjoy helping out with the stitching; just make sure they're supervised if you're letting them use your sewing machine.

Hang your new, festive towels and bask in the DIY glory!

4. Miniature Tree in Potpourri

A festive, holiday ornament tree adds a little sparkle, and a touch of potpourri lends a pleasant, festive aroma to your bathroom.

This is a great project for getting the kids involved in your Christmas decorating. To make the ornament tree, you'll need a few good-sized sticks with lots of smaller twigs branching off. Grab the kids and head to the park to collect them.


Start by placing your sticks into the jar. You'll want sticks that are about three times as tall as the jar you're using. Pour in the pebbles or marbles until the jar is about halfway full (this will help keep your tree from toppling over). Then pour the potpourri into the jar, making sure to create an even layer on top of the rocks.

Hang your favorite ornaments from the branches -- a dot of glue can help keep them in place!

3. Holiday Clings

These homemade mirror or window clings are a great project for almost any age group. Kids will love mixing their own colored glue and making custom designs.

You'll need a bottle of glue for each color you want to use. Add a few drops of food coloring to each bottle to create custom colors, then close and shake the bottles vigorously to make sure the coloring dyes the glue evenly. Add the glitter, if you're using it, and shake again to distribute it evenly.


Spread out your wax paper, and you're ready to create! Kid can either draw their designs freehand or use the cookie cutters as molds for their window clings. You can even sprinkle a bit more glitter on top of your art before it dries, if you like.

Let your creations dry overnight, then peel them off and stick them onto the bathroom mirror or windows.

2. Scented Wreath

Weave your wreath, according to package instructions on the form, using the pine branches, rosemary and lavender. Set this aside.

Use the skewer to poke holes all over your orange or tangerine. Poking the holes in advance will make it much easier to insert the cloves. You can either cover the whole piece of fruit in cloves or create a holiday design. Insert the skinny end of a clove into each one of the holes, and repeat until the fruit is covered in lovely smelling cloves.


Use strong glue to attach your cloved fruit to your wreath where you'd normally place a decorative bow, and hang it on the wall! If you don't have a good spot to hang it, it can also make a beautiful centerpiece.

1. Christmas Soap

Homemade soaps beside the bathroom sink make festive and sweet-smelling decorations.
Homemade soaps beside the bathroom sink make festive and sweet-smelling decorations.

Melt-and-pour soap is a simple, fun craft that can add some Christmas cheer to any bathroom. You can customize your soap by adding mix-ins, like festive glitter, tiny Christmas ornaments or even potpourri.

You can find glycerine soap kits and molds at any craft store. Just pick out the colors, scents and shapes you like, and get crafting! Follow the directions that come with your kit, then display the soaps on a pretty tray or in a festive basket on the bathroom counter.


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