5 DIY Christmas Bathroom Decorations

Miniature Tree in Potpourri

A festive, holiday ornament tree adds a little sparkle, and a touch of potpourri lends a pleasant, festive aroma to your bathroom.

This is a great project for getting the kids involved in your Christmas decorating. To make the ornament tree, you'll need a few good-sized sticks with lots of smaller twigs branching off. Grab the kids and head to the park to collect them.

Start by placing your sticks into the jar. You'll want sticks that are about three times as tall as the jar you're using. Pour in the pebbles or marbles until the jar is about halfway full (this will help keep your tree from toppling over). Then pour the potpourri into the jar, making sure to create an even layer on top of the rocks.

Hang your favorite ornaments from the branches -- a dot of glue can help keep them in place!