5 Tips for Using Scented Drawer Liners

Scented drawer liners in your bureau make your home and clothes smell great.
Scented drawer liners in your bureau make your home and clothes smell great.

Adding scented liners to your home’s cabinets and drawers, whether in the bedroom dresser, kitchen cabinets, or bathroom vanity, can be just the change you need to give your home a light, fresh scent without overwhelming room sprays, scented candles, or potpourri. If you’ve never used drawer liners before, read on to find out how to get started with these simple fragrance options.

Air Out

Many scented drawer liners can have a super strong scent when they’re just out of the packaging. If you – or a family member – are sensitive, you may want to open them in the basement or another low-traffic area and let them air out for a few days before putting in your drawers. The smell coming out of a drawer as you open it should be refreshing, not in-your-face.

Pick a Season

The best time to add scented drawer liners to your dresser is between seasons as you’re swapping shorts and t-shirts for sweaters and scarves. Plan to place your drawer liners in when you have taken out the content of the drawers. This is also a great way to update your drawer liner seasonally – switch out that lavender for a holiday-friendly cinnamon.

Stick them Tight

Drawer liners can come loose fairly easily. Check the backs to see if they have any glue or tape, and if they don’t, use double sided tape to secure. If you’re using in the kitchen, try a tiny dab of wallpaper glue to keep them in place under your pots and pans.

Perfume Ads

If you’d rather not put liners in all your drawers, but love scenting your furnishings and clothes, get a selection of beauty magazines and remove the perfume inserts. Pull them open and tuck them in the back of drawers you’d like scented. These aren’t as strong and won’t last as long as real liners, but it’s a good way to test out having scents in your bureau or other spots.

Scented Soap

Another way to scent your dresser without committing to liners is to add a bar of scented soap to a few drawers. The scent will be stronger and last longer than the perfume ads, and it’s a great way to use scented soap that might be a little strong to bathe with.

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