Top 5 Traditional Holiday Decorating Themes



Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights, so naturally, lights dominate the decorating theme. The one key element of Hanukkah decorating is the Hanukkiah, a nine-candle menorah that evokes a miracle that occurred 5,000 years ago, when sacred oil sufficient to light the Temple of Jerusalem for only one day provided light for eight days. Traditionally, the Hanukkiah is placed in a window of the home to shine in the darkness outside and show everyone that you're Jewish. Throughout the rest of the house, you can place menorahs and candles everywhere it's safe to light them.

Blue and white, the colors of the Israeli flag, dominate the color scheme for Hanukkah, but silver and gold are present, too. White dishes set on a blue tablecloth make a striking dinner table arrangement, especially with a silver menorah centerpiece. Small packages, wrapped in blue paper with white ribbon and a Star of David topper, make a lovely side table display. Dreidels and gelt scattered invitingly on a living room table urge family members and guests to play the dreidel game and remember the miracles that Hanukkah celebrates. Gelt, the gold foil covered chocolate coins used in the game, also symbolize the value of giving to others.

Plates heaped with traditional foods like Latkes and sufganiyot (jelly-filled doughnuts), along with the aromas that accompany foods fried in oil, are important in the Hanukkah scene. But the most important Hanukkah decorations of all are the family and friends who fill your home to share in the celebration.