Top 5 Traditional Holiday Decorating Themes


Victorian Christmas

Softer colors are the trademark of a Victorian Christmas.
Softer colors are the trademark of a Victorian Christmas.

By replacing the traditional red and green color scheme with a soft-hued palette, the Victorian theme brings a romantic, feminine appeal to Christmas. Choose a single dominant color, such as mauve, pale blue or celery, and support it with silver and gold accents.

Victorian Christmas trees sparkle with an abundance of white lights. To create this effect, you'll need to wrap each branch with strings of lights. Next, adorn your Christmas tree with blown-glass ornaments and lavish decorations that feature lace, feathers and crystal beads in tones of your principal color. Large, elegant decorations are a hallmark of Victorian trees; secure them to the branches with a twist of wire instead of the usual ornament hanger. Let silvery icicles dangle from the branches, and drape the tree with garlands of silver beads or wide, gilded ribbon. At the top, a large, romantic angel is a must.

Opulence continues below the tree with a theme-colored tree skirt in luxurious satiny fabric. Wrap your presents in thick, shiny, theme-colored paper, and finish them with lush ribbon-and-bow treatments. Carry your Victorian theme through the room with displays of angels and Father Christmas figures, oversized stockings in rich fabrics, and fresh or silk flower arrangements with silver and gold accents.

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