5 Valentine's Day Table Settings

Table Map

If your relationship is playful or your partner likes surprises, this idea is for you. Cover a table in butcher paper, and fill a short vase with markers or pens. When you sit down with your loved one, use this blank canvas to record your dreams for your future together. Words, pictures, graphs -- do whatever suits you best. If you'd prefer more structure to this activity, prep the paper by writing down hash marks or quadrants for time in months or years. This way, when you sit down to the table, you'll be filling in memories or goals according to chunks of time.

A different take on this theme is to write or draw on the tablecloth ahead of time, either recording your journey together to date (noting the highlights and milestones) or composing your intentions for your future together. Then you can look at your love story together while drinking wine or dining. As you arrive at some of the moments in your history together that you've written down, use it as an opportunity to tell him the things about him that you appreciated at those points in time or that you love now.

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