6 Festive Ideas for Autumn Adornments

Map out the layout of your room to figure out how to make it all fit.
Map out the layout of your room to figure out how to make it all fit.
Courtesy of Homemadesimple.com

When leaves change color and the season's natural splendor arrives, the allure of autumn is hard to ignore. As you begin to turn indoors, bring the charm of the outdoors home with you. These clever ideas will spice your décor with the simple elegance of nature's beauty.


Organic Centerpieces

Take a trip to the grocery store and pick up some extra produce in rich, fall colors. Red apples, bright oranges and clementines, yellow winter squash and other fall produce look as great as they taste. Put them in a glass bowl or simply display them on top of a cake stand for a simple and natural centerpiece.


Framed Foliage

Simple, inexpensive frames and one of the most common objects of fall can combine to create a beautiful look. Try using silica gel, available at most craft stores, to help dry out your leaves, while preserving their color and shape. Simply press a single leaf on a white piece of cardboard and place it in a frame to have a great looking seasonal accent. Arrange a few frames of single leaves together to create a stunningly simple look.


Natural Accents

There are many beautiful pieces of nature that you can find by just taking a walk outside that you can bring in to use as inexpensive decorations. Find acorns, buckeyes or other natural pieces in your part of the country, take them home and clean them off. Fill a glass bowl or other container with these natural knick-knacks and display them on your mantel or shelves.


Colorful Bows

This simple way to add seasonal color and fun makes a noticeable difference in your décor. Stop by a craft store and purchase velvet ribbon in fall colors-browns, reds, oranges and dark greens. Then tie beautiful bows on your dining room table chairs, around the top of the backrest, with enough ribbon to trail gracefully down the back of the chair.


Painted Pumpkins

Gourds are a popular symbol of the season, and you can make them unique and personal with acrylic paint. Paint "Welcome" on some gourds to leave on your front porch or just inside your front door. Or you can paint appropriate words to get everyone in the mood for the season, like "Thankful," "Harvest" and "Family." Place these gourds inside or outside your home.


Pinecone Tassels

Pinecones are another natural object that are easy to find in the fall and look great in your home. Tie one or two pinecones onto the ribbons that hold your curtains in place to create a fun seasonal addition to an everyday item.