How do you bring your Christmas decorations into the 21st century?

Less is More

There are enough expenses to worry about over the holidays. Decorating shouldn't add to your financial discomfort. No need to do too much digging in your pockets to update your look. Plus, it's possible you already have everything you need to bring your decorations into the 21st century. Time to take a quick inventory of your supplies.

First, start separating those special pieces from the ones you could do without. The goal is to get rid of anything you're not fond of or you know is out of date. Plastic reindeer? Out. Santa Claus pillow from 1985? Out. We would even argue that those miniature Christmas villages belong in a decade long gone. Now, if any of these items hold a special place in your heart because they remind you of family and friends, or it just wouldn't be Christmas without them, there are always ways to work them into your updated look. Don't let us convince you to throw out your grandmother's prized ceramic tree. We're just suggesting there are some pieces that can go.

Once you've determined your state of Christmas affairs and donated some things to Goodwill, it's time to consider what additions you need to make. Lucky for your wallet, less is more this holiday season. If you've decided you can't find anything in your attic that looks modern or current, focus on finding just a few new pieces that pack a punch. Check out discount home stores like HomeGoods and TJ Maxx for bargains. If you're not ready to make the 21st-century plunge this year, try to assess your needs as you put up your decorations and throughout the holiday season. Keep an eye out for what you like at friends' houses, in department stores and around town.

If you're not even sure what new and current looks like, don't worry. We've highlighted our favorite fresh decorating ideas on the next page.

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