How do you bring your Christmas decorations into the 21st century?

Fresh and Modern
Whether you go with a retro or minimalist style, silver, gold and white are great colors to update your Christmas look.
Whether you go with a retro or minimalist style, silver, gold and white are great colors to update your Christmas look.

Remember that old Christmas carol about silver and gold decorations? Well, that guy was definitely on to something. Whether you go with a retro, minimalist or sleek sophisticated style, silver, gold and other metallic colors are sure ways to update your Christmas look. Sparkle is the perfect way to pack a punch in small doses. You'll be amazed at how big an impact spray-painted, glittery branches will be when you add them to your traditional tree trimmings. Other bright ideas include adding a few sequined pillows to your couch or dining room chairs, or displaying metallic candles in cut glass votives. We also can't get enough of mercury glass in vibrant teal, because it helps break out of the traditional, green and red mold. Metallics and glitter might be just what you need to step out of your red and green comfort zone and focus on fresher, modern colors.

Speaking of fresh and modern, consider decorating a live, potted Christmas tree instead of cut one. You can plant it in your yard once warmer weather returns and watch it add to your landscape. We also love the idea of reusing old Christmas cards or wrapping paper as gift tags, and investing in a natural pine tree garland instead of the environmentally unfriendly plastic version.

While you're considering the environment, take some inspiration from nature. Not only would green practices help bring your decorations into the 21st century, nature-inspired pieces will update your look as well. You could even combine all of our fresh ideas in one do-it-yourself project by spray painting found tree branches or acorns gold and sprinkling them among your older decorations. And, since they're more winter-focused than over-the-top Christmas, the decorations you slaved over can be left up well into January. With a little creativity, the options for updating your holiday look are endless.

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