How to Bring Your Vacation Home With You

Carry this feeling over to your living room. See more beach pictures.

Ah, white sandy beaches, cobbled streets, quirky little shops with merchandise you can't pronounce, breathtaking vistas and enough history to keep you intrigued through the cold, dark winter. What is it? It's your vacation, or that wonderful time of year when you can temporarily outrun your problems and live the good life. Being a grown-up can be brutal, but one nice thing about reaching the age of majority is being able to enjoy the traditional pilgrimage away from things familiar and into the abode of daydreams. OK, so it may end up being a weekend camping with your brother-in-law, but still.

You may have had to settle for a staycation last year -- but who said that's as good as getting away from your overgrown landscaping and sagging roof shingles? This year, you can invest in an airline ticket and leave your woes in a fragrant cloud of jet fumes.

A nice vacation is going to cost you, so make the effort to get the most out of the experience. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a new place, and drag some of that ambience home to console you when the vacation bills come due. Let's take a look at some resourceful ways you can integrate that walk along a distant strand into your back-in-the-saddle-again existence.

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