How to Decorate for New Year's with Your Kids

Planning and Shopping

One simple way to get the kids excited about decorating is to sit down and pick a color theme together. You might start out with some suggestions of your own, like gold and white; black, white and red; or silver, black and white, then brainstorm together and see what you come up with from there.

Let them work with you to make the table pretty. Even if your party won't include a sit-down meal, you'll want to set out some snacks and drinks for your guests. The centerpiece is a great component to work on with kids. You can decide what to look for while you're shopping, or try out the crafty centerpiece idea later in this article.

Shopping for supplies can help engage the kids even more. The key to not letting this get out of control is to make a list of what you need in advance and talk to them about it. If you're looking for a tablecloth, a centerpiece and dishware, make sure the kids know that up front. This is also a good time to remind them about the color theme.

To make decorating extra fun for those little ones, you can get crafty with your New Year's Eve decorations. If you're going to have a lot of kids at your party, you might even consider a craft table where they can make themed art projects. Let's look at a few fun crafts for kids.

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