How to Host a Halloween Party for Adults

Halloween Party Food for Adults
Creepily delicious cupcakes are a Halloween party MUST.
Creepily delicious cupcakes are a Halloween party MUST.

For a Halloween party, we say go the finger-food route instead of having a sit-down dinner. People aren't expecting formality -- and besides, it might be a little uncomfortable to park yourself at a table in a cardboard robot costume. If you want to serve something more hearty than hors d'oeuvres, how about chili in a "witch's cauldron" that also happens to contain a few plastic skeleton bones? You could also do soft-pretzel "ladies' fingers" with painted almonds for fingernails.

But the real fun when it comes to Halloween food -- in our humble opinion -- is with cupcakes. You could do them yourself, of course, but a creepy cupcake bar is really the way to go. Set out some colored icing and candy and let everyone go to town. Sure, the creations probably won't be as elaborate as the ribbon-iced mummy cupcakes that you could make ahead of time, but your guests will love the process (and it will save you some stress!).