How to Host a Halloween Party for Adults

Halloween Party Activities for Adults

Having planned activities can make a party seem a little childish, but Halloween is one occasion when no one will mind -- so just go for it! No, we're not suggesting going trick-or-treating en masse, but you can't go wrong with an apple-bobbing station, for one. Pumpkin carving could be tricky if you're limited on space, but -- especially if your party is on the weekend before Halloween -- think of the amazing decorations you'll have for trick-or-treating night (with minimal effort from you!).

Beyond the classics, there are plenty of ways to keep the spooky fun going. If you have money to spend, how about hiring a tarot-card reader? If not, get a Ouija board and see what messages you can conjure up from the great beyond.

All those activities can work up a thirst ... get some ideas on how to quench it on the next page.