How to Make a Christmas Centerpiece

The holidays are right around the corner, and we all want our home to look festive and inviting for family and friends. Give your table that elegant, festive look with a homemade centerpiece. Below are some decorating suggestions for your holiday table.

Snowman centerpiece

  1. Take three foam balls of different sizes.
  2. Attach the balls to each other with toothpicks or glue, in size order.
  3. Paint the balls the color of your choice or leave them white to look like snow.
  4. Add eyes, a nose and a mouth to the smallest ball. You can draw these on with markers, glue on plastic eyes and sequins for the nose and mouth, etc. Let your imagination soar!
  5. Add buttons down the center of the middle ball. As above, you can use sequins, markers, etc.
  6. Add arms made of toothpicks or pipe cleaners.
  7. Place your snowman in the center of the table.

Candle centerpiece

  1. Buy florists' candles. These are long candles that come in a variety of thicknesses and colors.
  2. Place the candles in florist candle holders, in the center of the table. Leave ample space between the candles. You might want to try placing the candles on a mirror.

Floral centerpiece

  1. Take a bunch of flowers of your choice, and a piece of florists' sponge.
  2. Trim the flowers' stems.
  3. Moisten the florists' sponge.
  4. Arrange the flowers in the florists' sponge. You can stick some red and white candy canes in the sponge as well.
  5. Place the sponge on a decorative platter, or in a decorative flower pot or basket. Your centerpiece is ready to adorn your table.

Mini-Christmas tree centerpiece

  1. Place a small Christmas tree on top of a small, gift-wrapped box.
  2. Attach the tree to the box, and place it in the center of the table

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