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How to Make Christmas Garlands and Swags

Food-Themed Garlands and Swags

The holidays are synonomous with good cheer and good food. You'll agree when you see these garlands and swags, featuring various delicious holiday food items like gingerbread, cinnamon, and more in their decorative elements.

Before you get started, be sure to read the information on using patterns below.

Using Patterns

When individual project instructions direct you to cut out a shape according to the pattern, begin by downloading the pattern as a PDF. All patterns are at actual size, unless otherwise noted. Print the pattern from your computer.

If the pattern has an arrow with the word "fold" next to a line, it is a half pattern. Fold the printed pattern at the line. Then cut along the line, going through both layers of paper. Open for the full pattern.

To attach a pattern to felt, roll two-inch lengths of masking tape into circles with the adhesive side out. Attach the tape to the back of the pattern in several places. Place the pattern onto the felt, and cut through both the paper and felt layers along the lines. If you are using a half pattern, open the pattern and similarly tape it to the felt before cutting.

Gingerbread Garland

This charming garland of gingerbread men, Christmas books, and candies is sure to inspire visions of sugarplums, along with all the other wonders of Christmas!

Gingerbread Garland
©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
Gingerbread Garland

Whether you hang it over a door, window, or mantelpiece, you're sure to get compliments and exclamations of surprise that you made it yourself. Only you need to know how simple this project was to create! A few paint colors, a few brushes, a glue gun -- and you have a delightful decoration.

You'll Need:

  • 6 feet garland
  • 7 gingerbread men, 23/4 inches each
  • 3 wood books, 21/8 inches each
  • 4 wood books, 11/2 inches each
  • 18 mushroom buttons, 3/4 inch each
  • 7 folk hearts, 1 inch each
  • Sponge brush
  • Acrylic paint: toffee brown, Christmas green, crimson, white
  • Liner brush
  • Black fine-tip permanent marker
  • Stylus
  • Glue gun, glue sticks
  • 1/4 yard clear cellophane wrapping paper

To Make the Gingerbread Garland:

  1. Paint gingerbread men toffee brown, big books Christmas green, small books crimson, mushroom buttons white, and hearts crimson with the sponge brush. Let dry.

    Gingerbread Garland
    ©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
    Paint mushroom buttons white.

  2. Using the liner brush, paint 9 mushroom buttons with crimson stripes and 9 with Christmas green stripes. Write "Twas the night before Christmas..." on green books and write "Noel" on crimson books with fine-tip marker. Paint white squiggles on gingerbread men. Using stylus, dot buttons and eyes. Let dry.

    Gingerbread Garland
    ©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
    Use stylus to make buttons and eyes.

  3. Glue a crimson heart to each gingerbread man. Cut eighteen 3x21/2-inch strips of clear cellophane. Wrap mushroom buttons like candy, twisting each end.

    Gingerbread Garland
    ©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
    Wrap mushroom buttons in cellophane.

  4. Glue gingerbread men, books, and mushroom buttons in groups of 3 to garland using glue gun.

Gingerbread Garland
©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
Use glue gun to attach
gingerbread men to wreath.

This cinnamon holiday swag makes a great Christmas gift.
©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
Sweet Cinnamon Holiday Swag

Sweet Cinnamon Holiday Swag

Cozy, charming sage plaid ribbon, wonderfully fragrant cinnamon, and lush red apples make this swag a feast for both the eyes and nose. The vertical design shape is perfect for a door or for a nook in the kitchen.

You'll Need:

  • 10x3x2 inches green foam
  • 2 green chenille stems
  • Tape measure
  • Low-temperature glue gun, glue sticks
  • 28 inches evergreen garland or premade swag
  • Floral U pins
  • 4 yards sage plaid ribbon, 11/2 inches wide
  • Scissors
  • 4 large red apples
  • 14 cinnamon sticks, 6 inches each
  • 8 red crab apples
  • Wire cutters
  • Assorted evergreen sprigs
  • Assorted leaves, such as grape
  • 5 ivory berry clusters
  • Ivory hydrangea

To Make the Sweet Cinnamon Holiday Swag:

  1. Bend 1 chenille stem into loop, twist ends, and insert ends into foam about 2 inches from short side. Glue to secure.

  2. Hang foam while you work to help with placement. Lay evergreen garland across foam with about 9 inches extending over each end. Pin in place with floral U pins dabbed with glue.

  3. Cut 14-inch length of ribbon, and set aside. About 14 inches from one end of remaining ribbon, form bow with 6 loops (three 4-inch loops on each side). Twist chenille stem around middle of loops to secure bow. Glue bow to middle of evergreen swag. Weave ribbon streamers into evergreens, trim ends into V shape, and glue in place. Glue 14-inch length of ribbon above bow. Trim ends into V shape, weave into evergreens, and glue in place.

    Sweet Cinnamon Swag
    ©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
    Weave ribbon streamers into evergreens.

  4. Glue 2 large red apples on right side of swag, nested beside and above bow. Glue 1 large apple to upper left part of swag. Glue last large apple to bottom left of swag, just below bow.

  5. Glue cluster of 4 cinnamon sticks on a diagonal across center of bow. Glue 2 cinnamon sticks diagonally from right edge of swag. Repeat slightly below bow on left side. Glue 3 cinnamon sticks at bottom center and top center of swag. Add other cinnamon sticks as desired.

  6. Cut stems on crab apples to 1 inch, and glue crab apples into swag as shown. Use wire cutters to cut evergreen sprigs into short lengths, and glue them into swag for added texture. Glue in leaves.

    Sweet Cinnamon Swag
    ©2006 Publications International, Ltd.
    Use glue gun to attach crab apples to swag.

  7. Separate berry clusters into small clumps, and glue into swag as desired. Separate hydrangea into small clusters; glue in swag.
Ho, ho, ho -- here comes Santa Claus! See the next section for how to make a cheerful array of santa-themed swags for your home.