How to Make Christmas Ornaments

Everyone loves pulling out the Christmas ornaments each year and reminiscing about who gave you this one or that one before hanging them on the tree. One way to make this tradition even more special is by throwing handmade ornaments into the mix. Because they're made by you, it makes them that much more special. What's more, the Christmas ornaments featured here are truly delightful, so you'll be proud to hang them on the tree each year.

In this article, you'll find plenty of charming ornament crafts, including:

Angel Ornaments

Hang some heavenly creatures on your Christmas tree by making the lovely handmade angel ornaments in this section. From the cross-stitched Dancing Among the Stars to the detailed Angelic Clay Ornaments, you'll find plenty of options to suit your style. This page also includes instructions on how to easily use the patterns included with some of the crafts.

Snowmen Ornaments

You'll have a ball -- or better yet, a snowball -- making the adorable snowmen ornaments detailed in this section. Children can even help with some of the crafts, including the Sensational Spiral Ornament, which is truly sensational! You'll also find Frosty the Snow Ornament and Jolly Holly Snowman Ornament.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

This section features more than just Christmas tree ornaments -- you'll also find Pretty Package Ornaments to represent the glorious gifts found under the tree. The best part about the crafts here is you can personalize them or change up the designs slightly to make a completely unique ornament. Get crafting today!

Joy and Noel Ornaments

You're sure to spread loads of joy by making and give out these charming handmade ornaments. Whether you choose to make the Peace, Love & Joy Ornaments, the Elegant Wire Ornaments, or all of the ornaments featured here, you'll have a Christmas tree that will shine above the rest.

Santa Ornament

The Holly Jolly Santas craft you'll find in this section is a great way to add a little bit of Santa's cheer on your Christmas tree this year. Make several to hang throughout the tree, or give some to your friends and family to really make their holiday special. Once you get started, you won't want to stop!

Let's get started by making some spirited angel ornaments on the next page.