How to Make Easy Christmas Ornaments

Hats Off to the Holidays

Hats Off to the Holidays Victorian Christmas Ornament.
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Hats Off to the Holidays

You'll Need:
  • 22 clear beads, 8mm each
  • 4-inch crochet hat
  • Hot glue gun, glue sticks
  • 3 glass ball picks, 15mm each
  • Wire cutters
  • 2 rose leaves, 1/2 inch each
  • 30 inches satin mauve ribbon, 1/8 inch wide
  • Tape measure or yardstick
  • 20 inches satin mauve ribbon, 1/16 inch wide
To Make Hats Off to the Holidays Ornaments:
  1. Glue 8mm beads around base of hat crown.

  2. Clip wires off glass ball picks. Glue glass balls together at crown base, next to 8mm beads.

  3. Clip stems from leaves. Glue leaves in an attractive arrangement next to glass balls.

  4. Cut 1/8-inch ribbon into two 15-inch lengths. Make a 3/4-inch-diameter loopy bow from a 15-inch length of ribbon. Tie off loopy bow with second 15-inch length of ribbon. Trim all ends even. (See below for instructions on how to make a loopy bow.) Glue bow to side of glass balls.

    Place ribbons onto hat ornament.
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    Place ribbons and beads onto hat.

  5. For a hanger, double 20-inch length of ribbon and thread it through brim, a few inches from glass balls. Tie an overhand knot near ends.

    Ornament Tip!
    Ribbon roses could be used in place of the beads, with larger roses in place of the glass balls.

To Make a Loopy Bow:
  1. Cut the ribbon to the specified length.

  2. Find an object that is approximately the same diameter as the loop of the bow. (Your fingers can work well for this: one for a small loop, two for a larger loop.)

  3. Leaving about 1 inch free, wrap the ribbon around the object. Leave another inch free at the end. Cross the two free ends over the loop.

    Wrap the ribbon around your fingers to create a loopy bow.
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    Wrap the ribbon around your fingers.

  4. Insert a smaller piece of ribbon through all the loops. Bring this ribbon around, and tie it in a knot.

    Tie ribbon in a knot.
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    Tie ribbon in a knot.

  5. Pull the bow from the object, and separate the loops in an attractive arrangement.

    Pull the bow.
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    Pull the bow.

We'll show you how to make easy western-themed ornaments in the next section.