How to Match Exotic Décor and Exotic Scents

Into the Jungle
Bring in the sounds of the tropics, too, with a small water feature.
Bring in the sounds of the tropics, too, with a small water feature.

When you call up the tropics, what comes to mind almost immediately? Relaxation? Fruity drinks? Humid air? We picture lush greenery and lots of water, either waterfalls or the ocean -- we're not too picky. Whether it's the jungles of the rainforest you fancy or the breeze of the sea, you can bring home that tropical feel. And we're not talking pink pelicans or palm tree pillows.

Light and airy is the name of the game, and we want to bring the outside in. Light colored walls in creams or pastels; furniture made with materials like rattan, bamboo and seagrass; tile floors with woven straw rugs; and graphic floral fabrics in bright colors for the throw pillows and lampshades.

No tropical paradise would be complete without water, so be sure to include a water feature. A water wall would be ideal, but even a small bubbler will add to the ambiance you're looking for. And then, of course, a verdant display of greenery: palms, birds of paradise, anthuriums and bromeliads are all great tropical plant options for indoors.

The scents of the tropics are equally as memorable as the sights. Tropical fruits, heady florals, like jasmine and gardenia, and coconut are all wonderful exotic scent options, and reed diffusers would be an ideal addition to the decor. You can also offer some aural integration by popping in a CD with bird or jungle sounds.