How to Match Exotic Décor and Exotic Scents

Out of Africa
The smells of the ocean just won't do for this room.
The smells of the ocean just won't do for this room.

And last but not least, nothing conjures up wild, romantic and exotic backdrop like a safari. Picture "Out of Africa:" Meryl Streep and Robert Redford chilling on her porch under the vast African sky in their khakis and linen shirts. And then take that look and bring it into your home.

Safari scenes conjure up images of vast desert and exotic wildlife, so color schemes live in the neutrals -- earth tones like khaki, gold and the browns and greens that decorate the African plains. That's not to say that your rooms shouldn't have pops of color. Just keep it to the accessories, like throw pillows and accent rugs.

Hardwood floors are a must as well as heavy furniture made of natural woods. Imagine a sturdy four-poster bed with white sheers billowing in the desert breeze,- even if it's just your ceiling fan. Throw in some animal prints -- faux of course -- to bring in more jungle elements. Traditional African elements can be used to accessorize, too. Bongo drums, pottery and beautiful wall art all will support the safari experience.

And of course, no safari would be complete without the scents of Africa. Earthy and masculine scents will likely rule this roost. Think musk and cedarwood, shea butter and nag champa. Incense would be a good choice for your décor, or use an oil burner if you want to skip the smoke.

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