Natural Décor Ideas for Fall

Just head outdoors to find the best fall décor items.
Just head outdoors to find the best fall décor items.
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With the bounty that nature brings at the fall harvest comes an abundance of items that are perfect for fall home decorations. Just take a peek in the garden, around the yard, or at the local farm stand and there are certain to be many options that work on their own or are even better when used together to create simple and beautiful fall décor for both the interior and exterior of the home. From elegant formal homes to more casual abodes, fall offers an immense amount of natural décor items that are sure to complement every home in the neighborhood.

Pumpkins and Gourds

While many people are quick to place a pumpkin on their front step at this time of year, there are many other ways to incorporate pumpkins and their relatives--the many types of gourds- into décor. Both pumpkins and gourds come in several varieties of shape and color which makes a collection of them all the more interesting. Consider filling window boxes with small to medium sized pumpkins and gourds or fill a glass vase with them. Arrange a collection of them in the center of your table, on a sideboard, or on a mantle. Whether they are in a vessel, arranged directly on a piece of furniture, or if there is a single one of them carefully placed in a nook, pumpkins and gourds create a colorful and artistic element that is certain to take every day décor to the next level.


Perhaps the most spectacular part of the fall season is the changing colors of the leaves, but they don’t have to stay outdoors to be enjoyed. Cut two to three foot long branches covered in colorful leaves and place them in a tall vase or urn. Or collect leaves from the ground to create a leaf garland that can be hung above an entryway or across a mantle. The bold and bright colors of fall’s leaves also add a pop of color to a glass hurricane when placed around the base of a pillar handle. Choose all red, orange, or yellow leaves or mix them all together for a complete look at the beautiful colors of fall.

Corn Husks

Corn husks work great as fillers in fall floral arrangements or on their own as wreaths or to bring exterior décor to new heights. Use large bunches of them at the side of the front door or at the base of a lamp post or mailbox. Or gather clusters of the husk and wire them together to create a wreath for a simple but stunning way to greet guests at the front door.

Fruit and Vegetables

There are few things quite as beautiful as a simple bowl of fresh fruit. A large glass or wood bowl filled with apples or pears makes a striking centerpiece on a countertop or kitchen table. For more formal affairs, add fresh seasonal blooms in with the fruits and stick their stems in wet floral foam. Fall fruits and vegetables such as apples and squash can also be hollowed out to hold a tealight for a unique twist on candlelight.

Hay Bales

Even for those who prefer city chic over country cool, hay bales are an easy way to add rustic elegance to both casual and formal home and party décor during the fall. Use them to add height to displays in a front yard or on a porch and add mums and pumpkins around and on top of them. Or use smaller ones on a buffet or candy bar to add visual interest to the display. Hay bales also work wonderfully as extra seating for an outdoor event. Soften the look by tossing a blanket or piece of fabric over top of some of them.

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