What is your decorating personality?

Special Occasions Only
No shoes in this room.
No shoes in this room.

Maybe you're the type who used to love to sneak into your parent's formal living room saved only for entertaining guests, and now, you're beyond excited that you have one of your own. You're the only one of your friends who registered for china in the last decade, and you would be more than happy to host a tea service on a daily basis. Your ideal pooch would be a Pomeranian, because he fits perfectly in your leather tote and he's too small to jump up on your silk-covered couch.

Does this sound familiar? Then your decorating personality probably falls into the category of formal. You like symmetry and order and prefer darker woods with a gleaming finish -- mahogany, preferably. You'd take a neatly upholstered piece of furniture with elegant details over an overstuffed anything. Tassels are optional, but appreciated if tastefully done. And of course, only original paintings for you -- prints are so bourgeois.