What is your decorating personality?

Calm and Classic
Clean lines and neutral colors scream classic.
Clean lines and neutral colors scream classic.
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On the flipside, your collection of little black dresses is legendary, and you pay off your J. Crew credit card each month. You wear flats for day and a demi-heel for evening, and your timeless trench has gotten you through years of wet springs. Your living room could be described much like your demeanor -- calm and orderly. You prefer granite countertops to butcher block, Waterford crystal and sterling candlesticks adorn your mantles, and your furniture came as a suite.

Know anyone like this? If so, your decorating personality screams traditional. Your tastes are sensible, but not at all plain. You just like your surroundings to be classic and understated -- nothing trendy or ostentatious. You prefer sophisticated fabrics like linen and twill, but it wouldn't be surprising to find a standard poodle resting on your Oriental carpet. And the perfect centerpiece is a well-manicured arrangement of tea roses.

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