Seasonal Decor

Varying your seasonal decor is a fun way to make your house feel new all year round. Get tips on seasonal decor in these articles.

We decided to save some money this year and make some Hanukkah decorations ourselves -- and so can you. These eight simple do-it-yourself Hanukkah decorations will give your holiday a personal touch and your wallet a break.

The holidays are here, and nothing says Christmas cheer like a bathroom decked out in holiday decor! Sure, you can go the store-bought route, but isn't it more fun to make your own, unique decorations?

Before you decorate for the holidays this season take a look at some of the best holiday decorations from DIY to store purchased. Adding the right mix to your home will put that personal touch on the festivities.

Dreidels, stars and Menorahs are just a few Hanukkah decorations that pop up during the holiday season. Over the years, they've been given a modern twist to their decorative feeling.

From Christmas trees to menorahs to twinkling lights, fall and winter are dominated by a host of traditional adornments. But what are the histories behind some of the most popular holiday decor items?

Tired of the same old red and green holiday paper on every gift? Ready to step away from the boring crease and fold technique? We've got five alternatives that may raise your holiday cheer this year.

In the short, dark days of winter, fun in the sun is a thing of the past and boredom may seriously set in. Bring the whole family together to combat those winter blues by making your own Christmas ornaments.

Halloween decorations can do a lot to spice up this fun and spooky holiday. Check out these pictures of Halloween decorations and get some great ideas.

From the gross-out box to goodie bags, kids' Halloween parties are the best. But planning one isn't all fun and games. To theme or not to theme? To cater or order pizza? We'll help take the stress out of giving the kiddies a spectacular, spooky time.

Halloween is coming up, and your teens are looking for something to do. They're too old to trick-or-treat, and you don't exactly relish the idea of letting them roam the streets with friends. So what about having a party at your house?

Although you might spend the day wrangling tiny costumed ghosts and goblins, there will come a point when the little devils finally lapse into sugar comas. So while the kids sleep, host a Halloween party for the grown-ups.

When it's time to put away the bright colors of summer and transition into warm autumn hues, there's no better way to bring fall inside than to create an autumn tablescape. Here are some tips and tricks for creating a memorable display.

Summer fun is here, so grab your tank top, tidy up the patio and start scrubbing the deck. The birds are singing outside, and daylight saving time is offering us all another whole hour of sun to celebrate in. Time to party!

When spring is in the air, there's no better way to celebrate than to throw a fabulous fete in the garden. But before you usher in the season of seeds, sun and showers, there are plans to be made and shopping to be done.

While the mood of winter calls for quiet colors like calming browns and cool blues, spring screams for color! So, before yard work comes calling, it's time to get down to business and brighten up your rooms in the spirit of spring.

Decorating your home to prepare for the holidays is fun, and it builds anticipation for the celebration. The items we use to decorate also have symbolic meanings that remind us of the reason we observe the occasion.

Everyone loves pulling out the Christmas ornaments each year and reminiscing about who gave you this one or that one. Make this tradition even more special by making some handmade ornaments. Learn more.

Whether hung on your front door or above a crackling fireplace, nothing announces the arrival of the holiday season like a Christmas wreath. Learn how to make a variety of Christmas wreaths.

Tired of the same old Christmas decorations in the same old stores year after year? It's time to get creative and make your own decorations. Learn how to make stockings, tree toppers, and tree skirts.

Making Christmas ornaments doesn't have to be hard. In this article, we will teach you how to make easy Christmas ornaments that look like you have spent hours on them.

Crafting handmade Christmas ornaments can be great fun for friends of family. Making your own ornaments can help put the warmth and heart back into the holiday season. Learn how to make intricate Christmas ornaments.

Sometimes the most enjoyable part of the holidays is decorating your home. To make decorating even more special, why not make some of your own decorations? Learn how to make Christmas garland and swags here.

A successful party lives on in everyone's memory long after the last guest leaves. But the fuss and frustration of planning can be a big party pooper. Learn how to plan a Christmas party.

With all those extra lights and decorations around the house, there's also an increase risk of fire or other accident. How can you keep your home safe around the holidays?

How do I figure out which bulb is burned out on four-wire icicle-type outdoor Christmas lighting? Twenty-five percent of one string is not working. Is there a simple way to determine which bulb needs to be replaced?