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For some this is the fun part, for others deciding what color to paint, or where to put the couch is as stressful as going to the dentist. Either way HowStuffWorks has got you covered with tips, tricks and cold compresses.

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A Guide to Bathroom Design

Although American culture still associates cleanliness with virtue, we now also associate it with hedonistic pampering. From the skimpy, sanitary, one-per-household white box of the 1950s, the bath has blossomed into a beckoning retreat.

Decorating Styles

Choosing a decorating style -- traditional, contemporary, retro -- that reflects your personality and interests can present a challenge. Get tips on how to personalize your home with fun decorating styles.

Home Decorating Tips

Do you want to decorate your home to fit your lifestyle but just don't know where to start? Discover these practical home decorating tips to do it all, like how to formulate a design scheme, integrate new ideas, and how to organize your ideas,

Decorating a Room

Close your eyes and you can see the room you want. Dressed with color and artfully arranged, it's just right. Now all you need to do is to make the dream a reality. But where to start? Right here!

Kids' Rooms

Decorating your child's room involves decisions regarding safety, comfort, access, and style. Learn how to decorate spaces for kids of any age.

Safety Tips for Decorating Kids' Rooms

Your child's room should be a safe space to sleep, play, and study. Learn tips for decorating that take safety issues into serious consideration.

Kids' Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Color and furniture can be used to execute a limitless number of themes for a child's bedroom. Check out these kids' bedroom decorating ideas.

Playroom Decorating Ideas

Furniture and color schemes are among the ways you can make a boring room into an inviting playroom for kids. See some playroom decorating ideas.

Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Decorating your teen's room is a great opportunity for collaboration. Learn funky, youthful decorating ideas that remain practical.

Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

A baby's nursery should be a soothing space for baby and parents. Get decorating ideas for your baby's room, including themes, patterns, and colors.

Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Kids' bathroom decorating ideas make use of unique colors, designs, and even fixtures to make kids comfortable. Get some interesting ideas here.

Kids' Rooms Decor

Choosing kids' rooms decor can be an overwhelming task. Find suggestions on budgeting, furniture choices, and more in this helpful article.

Toddler Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Spark your child's imagination with these fanciful toddler bedroom decorating ideas. Learn how to use furniture, fabrics and other elements.

How to Add Decorative Touches to Your Home

You don't need lots of money to give your home a new look. Work wonders with paint and fabric using this article's decorating ideas, including painting murals and floors and making bedspreads, tablecloths, and napkins.

How to Plan a Christmas Party

A successful party lives on in everyone's memory long after the last guest leaves. But the fuss and frustration of planning can be a big party pooper. Learn how to plan a Christmas party.

How to Design a Child's Closet

When it comes to organizing a child's closet, keep it simple. Stress routine and develop a basic system for their toys and clothes. Learn how to design a child's closet.

How to Design a Linen Closet

Most of us are guilty of it: a linen closet that looks like a bomb went off. The sheets and towels are stacked haphazardly, and the toiletries fall on the floor whenever the door opens. No more! It's time to reclaim the linen closet.

How to Design a Seasonal Closet

Knowing what to do with your winter coats in the middle of July poses a certain challenge. The best solution is a seasonal coat closet. Learn how to design a seasonal closet.

How to Design a His and Her Closet

Come on, admit it. You've fought with your spouse over coveted closet space. It doesn't have to be that way, though. With the right design, you can even have leftover space. Learn more.

How to Design a Man's Closet

When it comes to closet space, the needs of a man are different from the needs of a woman. Easy access is the name of the game for men. Learn about designing a man's closet.

How to Design a Teen's Closet

The messy closet is a hallmark of being a teenager. So how do you organize all those piles of shirts, shoes and who knows what else? Learn how to design a teen's closet.

How to Hang Things on Walls

To keep items hanging sturdily on walls, right where they belong, you need to choose the proper fastener and install it in the proper way. Learn how to hang various objects on walls.

Holiday Decoration Safety Tips

With all those extra lights and decorations around the house, there's also an increase risk of fire or other accident. How can you keep your home safe around the holidays?

How do proximity-type Christmas-light testers work?

How do I figure out which bulb is burned out on four-wire icicle-type outdoor Christmas lighting? Twenty-five percent of one string is not working. Is there a simple way to determine which bulb needs to be replaced?