10 Companies Utilizing Green Construction


The famous chain of coffeehouses, Starbucks, boasts about its sustainable practices. In addition to fair trade policies, recycling efforts and 10-cent discount for customers with reusable cups, it's also committed to green construction.

After joining the U.S. Green Building Council as early as the year 2000, Starbucks opened a LEED-certified store in 2005 in Oregon. Since then, the company has continued to open locations using green design and construction. Stores include high-blast nozzles for water-efficient cleaning, as well as low-flow water fixtures. The cabinets consist largely of post-industrial material. Even the floor tiles in some locations are made from recycled material. The construction also incorporates efficient lighting, low VOC paint and FSC-certified wood. Certain locations, such as the Paris Disney location, employ inventive ideas, like using countertop material made of recycled mobile-phone parts.

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